About our social distancing measures at The Nest

See what precautions and measures we are providing as standard at The Nest, so you can hold your event with confidence.

As per government guidelines on social distancing measures at venues, we have made an array of changes at The Nest to ensure we are fully compliant, and to give our bookers and visitors peace of mind when visiting the site.

Please see below some of the measures we have put into place:


Changes to the facility

Hand sanitisers have been strategically positioned in various rooms and perspex shields have been added to the reception area and the dining room serving hatch. Any ‘high touch’ areas will be disinfected after every use, as well as at the end of the day. Anti-bacterial spray will be made available on pitches, so goal frames and other areas can be wiped down post-use. Signage, to guide, remind and advise visitors has been erected across the site.

Please see our overall site map, or our detailed Clubhouse and 3G pitch maps, which detail social distancing compliant additions.

Risk assessment

We have a specific COVID-19 risk assessment, to accompany our standard site risk assessment.

You can view this here.

Trained staff on site

A reduced number of staff members will be on site during your event to reduce the risk of transmission. All staff members from the Foundation and The Nest have been trained on our new working procedures.

Revised maximum capacity numbers

The capacity numbers across the various areas of the site have been reduced to allow for 1-metre social distancing between guests. Seating arrangements are fixed, and cannot be changed.

See example visuals of seating here, here and here.

Face masks

Masks must be worn by the public when purchasing take away food and beverages at The Nest Cafe.

Entering and exiting the 3G pitch

With recent changes to the phase two building site, we’ve introduced a new entry and exit procedure for the 3G pitch, to help manage foot traffic during busy times.

On arrival

  • Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your session starts
  • Enter the one way system via the path from the car park
  • Follow path outside 3G towards the new building
  • Enter the 3G inside path and head back towards the double gates
  • Sign in with your group coach
  • Parents exit 3G using double gates and grass path


  • If you wish to spectate on the inside 3G path please wait until the previous group have exited from the sign out area

On sign out

  • Enter the one way system via the path outside the 3G
  • Enter the double gates and head along the inside of the 3G pitch to the sign out area
  • Exit via the single gate heading back towards the double gates
  • Exit the 3G and go onto the grass to head back to the car park

It is the responsibility of each individual visitor to ensure they are healthy and carry no symptoms prior to attending The Nest. Should a visitor have any symptom relating to COVID-19, they MUST NOT attend.

For a document detailing all of the changes that have been made, please contact us or call us on 01603 984000.